About us

About Us

We Ink Your Imagination.


Who We Are ?

Rated as the best tattoo studio in Davangere

Sculpting a new home and tattoo environment worthy of the legacy that *UNIQUE TATTOOZ *now renamed as *SACHIN TATTOOZ* has grown opening doors in MCC ‘B’ Block mamas joint road, Davangere, in 2012. Provides professional, competitive price tattooing in a friendly and health registered environment.

What We Do ?

We bring your TATTOO ideas to life in a brand new way with  a smooth process, and prices that won’t leave a mark. We’re Tattoo Experts and Design Specialists, so we have the chops to build tattoo designs from scratch, big or small.

We offer the best selection of ink and equipment from well-known brands that are recognized by tattoo artists around the world. We use new, sterilized needles for each customer every time. *SACHIN TATTOOZ* is more of a destination, a place people hear about or read about and then seek out. With a tagline “*We ink your Imagination*”; at *SACHIN TATTOOZ* most people get tattooed to mark a significant aspect of themselves or their

Our unique skills

Over the years we have continuously added stars to our work. This was only possible to achieve because of our extraordinary skills. Sachin Tattooz specialize in realistic tattoos which is not everyone’s cup of tea. At *SACHIN TATTOOZ* we bring custom design ideas to reality by connecting to a community of millions of tattoos all over the world. As we are well known in bringing realism in all the tattoos we do, we encourage all our clients to get the best out of us by giving us a concept or a story to incorporate in the tattoo that we do. Tattoos are increasingly respected art form and at Sachin Tattooz, the needle and the paintbrush are held in equally high regard.


Open 7 days a week, Sachin Tattooz style runs the gamut from super fine tattoos with custom ideas of all flavors. We humbly appreciate being referred to as a reputable studio in Davangere and we pride ourselves in providing a clean, friendly and comfortable environment for all our clients and Guests. Sachin Tattooz specializes in different Tattoo Designs ranging from Tribal style tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Fairy tattoos, Bio-mechanical Tattoos, Japanese style tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Traditional style
Tattoos, Custom made tattoos and lots more.

So, since you can trust us now, let us mention that apart from by appointment, we also take walk-ins.
See you soon…

Our quality & Our Hygiene

We use this word quite often but here we mean it. Quality is our motto And we continually evolve and adapt the best equipment in the industry. Our workplace is often praised by our clients for its cleanliness and for the hygiene standards that we follow. Everything involved in the process while tattooing is either disposable or sterilized. This eliminates the risk of human errors and enables us to maintain high sanitation standards.

About Sachin

We Ink Your Imagination.


Sachin was born in Davangere and began tattooing in 2009, eventually starting working free lance tattoo artist and further in a tattoo studio as a part time in RK’s Tattooz apprentice. Basically, he is pencil shading artist in his school days. He has done more than 1000 of artistic works; He got inspired from a TLC reality show Miami Ink and LA ink, which led him to get his first tattoo done at a very young age of 19 years. This show inspired and progressed Sachin’s talent from apprentice to official tattooist. His work and passion resulted in getting opportunity to learn India’s one of the top Tattooist Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens Tattoo based in Mumbai and Mukesh Waghela, Moksha Tattoo based in Goa.

In later 2012, Sachin’s ambition and talent flourished with the opening of his own tattoo studio “Sachin Tattooz” new studio in famous location in MCC B Block Mamas joint Road, Davangere. SACHIN TATTOOZ has been custom designing quality work since 2010, building one of the best reputations in Davangere’s tattoo scene. Currently working in his own studio in Davangere. He specialized in various tattooing art forms like Maorian art, Religious style, Portraits, Biomechanical style and Realism style tattoos.

He decided to take tattooing as a profession and acquired professional training. He is a thorough professional, certified and perfectionist. Through the years, He has made thousands of tattoos and even more friends. He like studying and reading about tattoos and increasing his own vision. Besides Tattooing, He has keep interest in playing Guitar, Digital and Oil Painting, Pencil Sketching, Pencil shading, custom designs and making tattoo machines.

About Sachin


Age: 25


My Experience

Experience:    5+ Years.

Customers: Davangere localities, Some Foreigners etc..

Pricing: Every tattoo project is different, and should be quoted to suit. We’ll listen to what you need and then talk in Rupees.

Get In Touch

   3rd main,3th cross,MCC “B” Block,opp Zen Computer,mamas joint road,Davangere-577004.

088671 68231

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